Washies for a good cause.

My friend Ami, who is forever dragging me to strange places on the internet and getting me interested in causes I would never find by myself, led me to this place. The Piano Girl is trying to raise money to get to a piano camp this summer.

Most people know that I am an avid supporter of musical education. I fully support this girl. I sure wish I had money to support this girl. But, alas, I don’t. I do, however, have lots of yarn!

So, I made Washies for a raffle on The Foil Hat. Can you see the musical notes? They are very clear in person, but I have a sucky camera and can’t capture the image very well.

If you have money to buy raffle tickets, please do so. If not, go enjoy this blog. She is a riot!


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One response to “Washies for a good cause.

  1. Needleroozer

    Wow, Libi! They are so very beautiful! Thanks so much for donating to the auction. I love your generous spirit, and that you found a way to give of yourself. When my baby girl is playing at Carnegie Hall someday, I will think of you.
    Sending hugs of gratitude,


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