An open prayer

I’ve debated doing this for a few days, but with this morning’s revelations about the killer (I will not put his name here, I will not give him that “honor”) and his references to Jesus, I just had to say something.

This man does not represent Christianity. No more than terrorists represent Islam. The killer was a madman who used many things to fuel his delusions.

Ok, enough said about that.

Here is an open prayer to the families of the victims and the survivors of this awful event.

Father God,

You, Lord, know our needs. We cannot understand your ways. We cannot understand what You know is best for us.

I ask you, Father, to grant peace to the families of those who died. Give them Your peace, let them feel Your love.

I ask you, Lord, to give healing to the survivors. Both in body and in spirit. Provide for them what they need to be healthy again.

Lord, grant peace and mercy to this nation. We don’t deserve it, but I ask anyway. “Ask and it shall be given you, seek and you shall receive.” I seek peace and mercy, Lord, for all of us.

In my Savior’s name.



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