My birthday haul

Well, my birthday was last week. I had a kinda birthday party on Friday night, with friends, and a sorta family birthday party on Sunday. First off, Trent and Emily (wth mommy’s help) made me a card.

Trent said that the picture on the left was his town.
The above haul is what I bought today with the $100 that my family gave me for yarn. That was specific instructions. I was to spend it all at my LYS. I had no problems, as you can see. Yes! That is a drop spindle! I’m going to learn how! I’m soooooo excited!
This lovely bunch is from my Small Group. I love angels and I love green. That stack of Red Heart is destined to be another 4 cross afghan like I made for my mother, but it’s for me this time. The green cotton, I’m thinking would make a great baby kimono from Mason Dixon. The CD is Chris his music.
Finally, I’m posting a pic of the Susan Summer Shawl finished, as shown by my lovely daughter, who will be fifteen on Wednesday. EEK!


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2 responses to “My birthday haul

  1. cpurl17

    Looks like you had a great birthday!

    Your daugther is lovely and the mountains behind her are amazing!


  2. Ami

    Let’s all join in and sing that fabulous song…
    ::Put another wrinkle in your birthday suit:::

    I get to sing that one with more meaning with every passing year.

    It sounds like your family made your birthday memorable and sweet.


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