The last few weeks

Egads, what a few weeks it has been around here. I have a good reason for not blogging, really I do!

I am now the Director of our Children’s Midweek programs at church. Our current rotation (we do 3 a year) started March 21st, with a training on March 14th and a huge family activity on March 18th. I’m in charge of all of this!

Midweek is basically Vacation Bible School, but spread out over 5 weeks, instead of 5 days.

For the Family Activity, we did a Pinewood Derby. 44 families participated. That’s huge!

In this time, I also finished my shawl (the Susan Summer Shawl), the pink baby blanket and my daughter’s cabled gauntlets.

I did reach my goal. I actually passed it. I finished or frogged 9 items, of the 12 I had going. I still have the Cross Stitch sampler, Sami’s afghan and Kibber’s dragon to finish.

Tonight, 2 of my vocal students performed in a recital. Shanon and Heather did just wonderful. There were so nervous, but they sang beautifully. This will be Shanon’s last “high” song. She is turning into a Mezzo Soprano, methinks.

I’ll post pics when I get them of all my finished projects.


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One response to “The last few weeks

  1. Batty

    Sounds like you did a wonderful job with those girls! I’m so glad the recital went well.


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