First off, Ami, don’t faint. Yes, I’m posting twice in one day and two days in a row. It’s a miracle!

Ok, what is a WIP? It’s a work in progress. Of which I have entirely too many! This is a picture intensive post. I apologize. I wanted to show all that I’m working on right now. I have 11. I did have 12, but I frogged one already. A log cabin quilt I was not happy with.

First off, my Summer Shawl. I started this one last summer, but I’m just now getting around to finishing it. I worked on it today, got 8 inches put on, all of which I’m going to frog. Egads, my guage is very loose knitting continental. I’m going to frog back and finish this one English. Still only a few hours left on it.

This is an afghan for Sami. I started this before Christmas, but with all the other afghans I had done (7 total) I just coulnd’t finish this one. My arm hurt too much. I’m still working on it, but slowly. This is in continental.

This is the Clapotis I started. Just started this one last month, so I’m slowly working on it. I’m finished with the increases and am working on the main body. It also is all continental. Everything I’ve started since the first of the year is done in continental.

This is a sampler I restarted just last month. I ripped out and threw away the old cloth (it was 28 count). Got new 14 count cloth and started fresh. You can see a better picture of the finished product here. The Lord’s Prayer Do you see that bag that my thread binder is sitting on? My Great Grandmother made that around 1915 to hold her needlework. Cool, huh?

This is a Star Afghan, crocheted. It’s not for anyone specific. I just started it one day, to put away for future use. I have a blue and yellow one downstairs, already done. I’ve got 3 more rounds of the varigated, then 2 rounds of the pink and I’m done. About 3 hours of work.

A sock. I can’t get excited about this sock. It’s a plain pattern. That’s all I’ve done and I’m bored with it. It will probably be frogged and yarn put away until I find a pattern I want to do. See the little green bag? That’s Dot’s Little Ditty Bag. I crocheted that to use as a purse, but it works great for holding a sock in progress.

This is a crocheted bag. Again, started sometime in Februray. Can you tell I was bored that month? It’s from the 2007 Crochet Pattern a Day Calendar in which I have 2 patterns published. My Pumpkin Treat bag and my Paperback Book Cover. Both are on my pattern blog, Libilou Creations.

This is a dragon for my good friend Kibbers. All I have to do is give him eyes! Then I have to crochet his mate and then put them in the mail! Just a few hours of work and I’m done. I have all the materials.

A baby hat, knit in worsted weight. I started this one English. I’m not sure if I’m going to finish this or frog it. I haven’t decided.

This is a gauntlet for Sami. It’s one, I’ve not started the other. I may frog this one, rewrite the pattern and start over. It’s too long, even with 1 pattern repeat left out.

And finally, an FO.

A felted bag made entirely of stash yarn. I’m quite happy with it. As with all my felting projects, this was hand felted in the sink. I’ve already used it. it’s a handy bag to have.

All of my projects have their own workbags, so I can pick one up and work on it. Several I can take with me, as they are portable projects that I don’t have to think about too much.

So, can I finish another 7 of these by the end of March? I’ll update next week and let you know!


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  1. Ami

    I thought I had made a mistake when I clicked on your blog. No, this can’t be Libi’s, she only posts when it freezes over down South. 😉

    Okay, now keep posting.

    Dare ya.


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