1st day of No-poo

Well, I “washed” my hair today and styled as I normally do. I don’t use a lot of product on a normal basis, so giving it up was no big deal. My hair is free flowing and natural today.

The big test is leaving my hair down. I don’t usually do that. It’s so dry on the ends that it tangles within minutes. And by the end of the day, it’s oil on the scalp.

Well, no oilyness this morning, despite using no cleanser,. I just used 2 cups of warm water with 2 tbsps of baking soda. I let it set while I washed the rest of me, then rinsed well.

I’ll post tomorrow about how my hair is behaving, bcause that will be another big test. Usually, by day two, my hair is very greasy.


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2 responses to “1st day of No-poo

  1. Ami

    Well?? Did you end up having to poo on your head? I’m sitting here waiting and waiting to find out.


  2. Batty

    Yes, do let us know how it’s going. I have waist-length hair (after cutting off almost 10 inches) and could save a lot of money by not using shampoo!


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