6 Afghans and a Partridge in a Pear Tree

Well, I finished my 6th afghan. There is no hope of getting the 7th done before Christmas, but it’s my daughter’s and she knows. I’m actually secretly knitting Le Slouch for her in a cream tweed yarn. She adores hats of all kinds and she’s gorgeous enough to pull them off.

So, without further ado, here they are. The six afghans I either knitted or crocheted this year.

First up is the one for my brother. I knit this one in 5 days. It’s a Stashghan. I bought no new yarn to make this. I used black as the underyarn and then just weaved in colors.

Next up is the afghan going to my cousin’s house (for Thora, Larry and Ryan). This is a crochet afghan off the wrapper of the yarn I used. It worked up quickly, was an easily memorized pattern and fun to make. The yarn was Walmart’s brand, which is no longer made, so I can’t even find the pattern for you. Sorry.

Now my mother’s afghan. This one is also crocheted. Giant 13 inch squares. The pattern is called 4 Crosses and was easy to do. Also made it easy to hide from my mom. It’s done in the same Walmart yarn, Sage and Cream.

Now we have my Sister’s afghan. My mom thinks Jenny is going to go nuts with this one. It’s from a pattern called “Sampler Knitted Afghan” from Annie’s Attic. It is no longer available, so I can’t link it either.

Then my step-dad’s, which I posted about just a few weeks ago. All double crochet, of a “pattern” of my own devising. I used stash yarn for this one also.

And finally, my son’s afghan. I think I have successfully hidden this from Patrick. He does like to barge in my room, but I worked on this when he was asleep (which, being a pre-teen, was usually always). This is a pattern of my own making, which I call the 6 Movie Afghan. I’ve posted a pattern for it over on my pattern blog, LibiLou Creations.

I also made, last night, 2 polar fleece blankets for Trent and Emily, my nephew and niece. Kitties on one side, puppies on the other. Identical blankets. I just cut and tied them. They are double thick, so nice and warm. No pics of those.

It’s been quite a year. I decided to do this last February and thinking back, I was nuts! Next year, socks for everyone!



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3 responses to “6 Afghans and a Partridge in a Pear Tree

  1. Ami

    My favorite is the stash one. I love love LOVE it. Will you adopt me? I want one just like it.


  2. Llamabean125

    They all turned out wonderfully.
    I love the crosses one, it is beautiful! Wishing you a relaxing holiday! You deserve it.


  3. Theresa

    Yup – definitely crazy! But it’s a good kind of crazy that keeps your family warm, right?


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