The New Blogger

I’ve been hearing about the new Blogger for a bit now, but had not thought to switch over. I got an “invite” to do so today and I must say, I’m in love!

I love the way you can play with the template without having to know a ton of HTML. I love that I can easily change fonts and colors. I can add a picture now! (scary, I know).

Most of all, I can “file” the posts under topics. For those wondering why that’s important, I forget what I’ve photographed as an FO! This way, I know, exactly. I spent the time today (about 30 minutes) to go back and label all my old posts (I’ve only 91). Now, you can look over to the side and choose. Do you want to see everything I’ve knit? Do you want to see all my quizzes? Scouts? Church?

Oh, the fun. (ok, I admit, I need a life!)

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