My blog is not…

My blog is not a place for those who feel they know better than me or that they are better than me to come and make comments.

If I choose to disagree with something, I’m going to. If I think something is wrong, I’m going to say it.

I’m tired of the self-righteous twits out there who love the glamour of helping “those in need” by stepping over those who are truly in need.

Get over yourselves. If you really want to help someone, get off your soapbox. Do it in private, otherwise, all you’re doing is going for the glory.

As for the self-righteous ones, get over yourselves. But don’t come here and try to prove you’re right and I’m wrong.

For those that don’t know what in the heck I’m talking about, that’s a good thing.



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3 responses to “My blog is not…

  1. Anonymous

    Amen girl.. the other thing I see happening a lot is people posting comments about how much they gave…. why? Is 1 dollar more worthy than 100? Is 10 dollars more worthy than a prayer?? Why is it so important to be recognized for what they GAVE?

    There’s a verse in the bible and I can’t quote it.. but it says something about that if you do something to be seen by other men, then you already have your reward. True giving from the heart doesn’t need to be announced…

    my two cents and i agree w/everything you posted on her blog as well. I’ve been down and out and in a bad way and I could very well be there again one of these days. You never know.

    But hey, apparently hosting a donation cause on your blog means you’re a true humanitarian.. or you’re looking for people to say how wonderful you are, or buy your book or something…

    But thanks for you .. telling it like it is regardless if anyone else wants to notice or not.


  2. Libi

    Thank you, Mia. Only someone who understands true giving would understand my point.

    It’s not about the cause, I’m sure it’s a good one. But this self-righteous use of fame, this “See how much I gave”, is disgusting.

    I posted a “cause” not too long ago. Just passed it on, from somewhere else. If someone wants to give, they can, if they can’t, that’s fine, if they don’t want too, that’s fine too. It’s not up to me to tell someone what’s worthy and what’s not. And if someone doesn’t think it’s worthy, that’s their right. I’m not going to flame them, or follow them to their blog and harrass them, as many of her readers have done.


  3. Anonymous

    You been hit by the ::ominous music here:::


    All you can do is wait for them to go whine somewhere else. It won’t be long. Such small minded people don’t have the capacity for long attention spans.

    Love ya.


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