For those who don’t know what to get me and have lots of money to spend.

Egads, I think I win the contest for the longest blog title alone! Artsygal on Knittyboard challenged us to fill this out. It looked fun, so I thought I would.

List 3 knitting related books you’d love to own. One Skein, Knitting Stitch Bible, Stitch ‘N Bitch Nation

List 3 non knitting related books you’d love to own. All of the Harry Potter books in Hard Cover. Alton Brown’s “I’m Just Here for the Food” and the “Complete Far Side Collection”

What is your favorite yarn? Right now, it would be Berroco Alpaca

What are your favorite colours. Green, any shade.

What kinds of fibers do you particularly like? I love silk.

Whats your favorite brand of needles? Are there any particular needles you don’t own yet that you’d love to have? I desperately want a KP Options set.

DO you own a swift and a ball winder? I still need a swift.

Are there any specific patterns you’d like to own that you don’t have yet? I really don’t own many patterns. I want to start making garments, so any.

List one item you’d like in each of the price ranges: Under $20, $20 – $50, $50 – $100 $20-A Green Apron $20-$50-A new top from Lane Bryant $50-$100-An MP3 player

Do you spin? No, but I’d love to try it.

What are your favorite fibers? Alpaca and Silk

What is your favorite clothing store? Lane Bryant
Online yarn stores you’d like a gift certificate from the best? Knit Picks

Your favorite LYS? Not much choice there, we only have one. Heindslemen’s

What other hobbies do you have? I bake, crochet and read.

What CDs are you just dying to get your hands on? Any Christian or praise music.

Which DVDs? I would love to have FireFly

What is you ‘money is no object, I just won the lotto so you can get whatever you want!’ gift? A trip for 3 to Disneyland. My kids have never been and I would love to take them.

It’s fun to dream, right?

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One response to “For those who don’t know what to get me and have lots of money to spend.

  1. mf

    thats certainly a long blog post title!!


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