A boy in a hat

I promise, he’s not miserable. My kids just don’t smile when I take their pictures. If they do, usually it’s a ghastly thing, very forced.

And, I’ve not had his eyes surgically altered…they are really that big!

Anyway, the hat. I started it this morning at 5am. Worked on it a bit here and there and I just finished it at 1:30pm. I did have church this morning, so that took up a big chunk of knitting time.


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4 responses to “A boy in a hat

  1. Jessica

    Love the hat! Great job. And don’t worry, we were like that in pics with our mom sometimes. You should see me with the fake smile in some pics! LOL


  2. Ami

    If I had a stocking hat on my head, I wouldn’t smile either. Hat head makes me grumpy. 😉


  3. Areli

    My oldest daughter won’t hardly smile for pictures any more either, the hat looks great though.


  4. Ruth

    Nice hat … handsome boy!

    I think the not-smiling-for-mom thing is universal. Mine won’t do it either (except for the youngest, who his siblings claim is still too small to know better.)


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