Hats for Alex

I’m posting this for Alex and his mother. You can read about what happened here. Trillian42, a friend from the Knittyboards, has started a project to donate 198 hats (1 hat for each day the earth was blessed with Alex) to the hospital that cared for him. She’s asking for help.

Stringbean, another friend from the board, has created a pattern for this. You do not need to use her pattern. Any will do. Knit or crochet. The yarn must be acrylic or cotton/acrylic and be washable. You can click on Trillian’s blog to find out how to get the hats to her.

I’ve posted a button to the side for this. Maybe you could do a post on your blog about this and continue to spread the word.



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2 responses to “Hats for Alex

  1. Anonymous

    Posted a copy of this on my blog. Also sent it out to my email loop.


  2. Trillian42

    Thank you, Libi.


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