Our Totally Awesome Pumpkin Patch Adventure

Took Trent, Emily, Sami, Patrick and my mom to the Pumpkin Patch today. This has become an annual tradition. Since Trent could walk, we’ve gotten him and gone, and when Emily was born, we included her (first year, she was only a few months old, so she did the whole thing in a front pack.

This is a picture heavy post, so sorry in advance.

Well, we got there without incident, and as you can see, we’re all going merrily along. But, then choices had to be made. Certain people thought they knew everything and had to point the way.

Of course, it didn’t take long for us to seperate. Emily got a bit tired and used the closest available adult as a personal carrying device.

Patrick and Emily found a really big pumpkin. She thought it was cool.

Of course, we finally made it out of the maze, only to find some fun places for photo ops.

Once out, there were loads of fun things to do, but both kids were drawn to the huge pumpkin.

Then it was time to pick our pumpkins. As you can see by the choices, my son loves everything BIG!

Which is the cutest pumpkin in this picture? You pick.



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2 responses to “Our Totally Awesome Pumpkin Patch Adventure

  1. Bella

    I adored all the pictures!! I especially liked the last one with that cute little pumpkin in the middle! 🙂


  2. mf

    What a fun time! Just love fall!


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