I am lazy

Hello all. I’m so sorry. I was reminded, sweetly of course, that I had been neglecting my blog. Lazy of me, I know.

Here’s what’s been happening in my life for the last 9 days.

On Thursday of last week, I had music lesson (I teach voice), 2:30 to 3:30. Spanish class (Patrick and I are taking it) 4:15 to 5:15, as soon as I got home, I was off to the church to start setting up for the conference being held at my church. I was “event staff”. I left there to go to Cub Scout roundtable to present a couple of events coming up, had an impromptu fundraising meeting with other’s in my unit in the parking lot, then back to the church for more set up.

Next morning. I’m out of the house and on my way to printer’s to order the invites for a friend’s wedding. I’m her wedding planner. I’m doing everything, I guess. She left town. Then to the church for more set up. We got to go home at 12:30 to rest for a bit, but I was on the phone on a teleconference with the reception hall, setting up meetings and the like. Back to the church at 3pm for final check and welcoming the leaders of the conference. This is when I found out that the 1 powerpoint in the main room turned into 6 power points all over the place. They had a social time, then a banquet. I did not serve the banquet, but did help keep things going, running for things and the like. The caterer did an EXCELLENT job of clean-up, so all we had to do was clean-up the room and prep it for the next day.

Saturday, I’m supposed to be on my way to a Cub Scout conference of my own (as an attendee), but after hearing how many powerpoints there were, I decided to ditch mine and stay. GOOD THING! I was the only “techie” on staff. I started working at 7:30am that morning…ran the whole day putting out fires and calming nervous author’s (it was a writer’s conference), we did our final clean-up and left at 10:00pm (yes folks, that’s 14.5 hours on my feet). I had blister’s the size of grapes just under each big toe.

I don’t really remember Sunday. I think I basically slept from the time I got home till Monday. They say I walked and talked, but I don’t believe them!

Monday, meeting with the reception hall, phone calls to the bride to iron out details and the like.

Tuesday, I had to work at the Center. Our director is out of town, so I took on an extra day. I also spent the afternoon on the phone with a post-abortive mother who needed someone to listen to her.

Wednesday, I had to work yet again. Got off work at 5pm, ran home, changed clothes, off to a meeting for Popcorn sales (it’s a scout fundraiser). Home at 10Pm, I fall down.

Thursday, Back to the Scout office to pick up our popcorn to sell, back to my house for music lesson, ran errands and did my Spanish homework, then off to spanish Class. Thursday night was blessedly mine. Oh, except for the 1.5 hours I spent on my phone with another Center volunteer who had a bad appointment.

Friday, I didn’t move until I had to cook dinner for 12 for my small group. Got home around 10pm.

This morning, I’m just about to walk out the door to work the BYU/Utah game (GO UTES!!) for another scout fundraiser.

I’m tired……..



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3 responses to “I am lazy

  1. Kate

    no wonder we haven’t heard from you – i’m tired just reading it all!!!

    i think you need a cocktail, foot massage and knitting time!!


  2. Raisya

    I thought you’d been working on how to say “no”? Oh, man. When you get back tonight, tell the kids to make supper, and REST until at least Monday. Tuesday would be better, LOL.


  3. Ami

    So what have you been up to lately?


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