My feety post

This week’s assignment was to shoot our feet. In the Photographic sense, mind you.
So, here are my feet being pampered. (see previous post to see what I was using.)

And here are my feet all pampered. Ugly, huh?

One note, the scar on my right foot is from an 8 inch butch knife landing into (straight up and down) said foot. This happened on Easter Morning 3 years ago, in the church kitchen…during a fight (I was not a fightee, but trying to move the fight out of the kitchen). The medical file actually states “Knife fight in church kitchen”. That just made my Pastor so happy, I can tell you.

Anyway, sorry to put you through having to look at my ugly feet.



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4 responses to “My feety post

  1. cpurl17

    oooh, I’m envious of the foot bath!

    Knife fight in church kitchen? Classic.


  2. mf

    Ohhhh I’m jealous of the foot bath.. I should pick myself up one someday!!
    Lucky you!!
    a fight in the church kitchen?


  3. SuzannaBanana

    I wouldn’t say they’re ugly. I think they look happy from the pampering. I wish my toes were angled like yours. And you’ve got that rugged knife fight scar…



  4. Knitty Cat

    Knife fight in church kitchen. I can’t stop laughing about that one.


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