SP Fun

Well, a box from England arrived today. And what a box! This post is photo intensive, so if you’re on dial-up, I apologize now. But, I wanted to show each and every thing off.

First, a lovely lamb and a very old spool of thread. The spool is at least 50 years old. I think I may crochet some bookmarks with this thread.

Stamps for my children’s collections from all over the world.

An incredible collection of yarn. There’s silk, cashmere, cotton, hemp and blends of them all!

Chocolate…..need I say more?

A wonderful Knit flower kit from Hipknits.

Really lovely Stitch Markers by Anna Sorrentino

Sweets from England.

A collection of Spa and body spoilage treatments. Tomorrow is Spoil Libi Day!

A really lovely (the picture does not do it justice…have you ever tried to take a picture of something on your right wrist while holding the camera with the other hand?) wristlet that fits perfectly.

And last, but not least, a Lucet for making cording (and friendship bracelets) AND a Birch hardwood size 7 crochet hook! I’ve always wanted one of these!

I think everyone will have to agree, I have the BEST SP there ever was….EVER!

I’ve made an educated guess and I think my SP is LittyMy from the Knitty Board. She doesn’t have a blog (that I can find), so I can’t direct you to her. All I can say is THANK YOU! You have made my summer so enjoyable.


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6 responses to “SP Fun

  1. mikomiao

    that is some awesome SP loot! what a lovely gift.


  2. LadyLungDoc

    Awesome haul! Lucky you!


  3. Batty

    That’s some great spoilage! Have fun with pamper Libi day, you deserve it!


  4. turtlegirl76

    Wow! What a fabulous package!


  5. mf

    Lucky you what an AWESOME packlage! Enjoy!


  6. Ceallach

    That Lucet is gorgeous!


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