Strange Photos from the KrazyOne

So, this week’s BlogStalking assignment is to post close-up shots of things in our home. I’ll post the full-sized pictures on Friday, but until then, take a guess on what they are. I think I’ll do my first blog contest with this one. 4 pictures, 4 answers. Person who gets the closest (most correct answers) wins…..yarn! (like, Duh!)


I don’t have a macro option on my camera, so sorry for the blurriness. I tried my best. Small clue…things are not what they appear to be, at first. I’m trying to stump you.



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7 responses to “Strange Photos from the KrazyOne

  1. Bezzie

    Blurry of clear, this is the first one I’ve seen where I have NO clue what those pictures are of!!!!


  2. Marie

    #3 could possibly be the inside of a piano.
    Really….I’m going for a long shot….


  3. Bella

    ok, here are my guesses.

    #1.. I wanted to say it was a close up of your daughter, but looking at it further I think it may be a painting of a girl. Not sure which painting though.

    #2…First thought here was the front of a Kitchen Aide mixer. Now I think it’s just a camera?

    #3…I believe this is a childs toy box, possible wooden blocks?

    #4…Is the last one turned sideways? It appears to be and if so, I think it’s a glass jar or drinking glass with something in it. A rock?

    LOL…ok, those were way too hard!


  4. cpurl17

    1. photo of a photo?
    2. camera
    3. tinker toys
    4.shot glass


  5. mf

    #1 a painting
    #2 a camera
    #3 blocks or toys maybe desk/needles?
    #4 water being poured

    Good Luck have fun!


  6. LadyLungDoc

    #1 painting
    #2 camera
    #3 building blocks
    #4 Some type of glass object on a wooden stand (taken cross-section style)


  7. turtlegirl76

    No clue – but I’d agree about #1 being a photo of a photo.


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