Toddler socks

A month or so ago, I made a pair of sockettes for my mom which only took one skein of KP’s Simply Stripes. I had one skein left. So, I made these toddler socks.

The first one went like a dream. I started the second one exactly where I started the first, but had some issues here and there with matching. Honestly, only knitters are going to see where I didn’t match. I also had one area where the yarn was cut and knotted and NOT rejoined in the proper sequence. Plus, as you can see on one of the toes, there’s a dye mistake in the colorway.

My daughter just rolled her eyes and said “Mom, they’re socks!”. I think I’m too much a perfectionist.

These fit a 3 year olds feet nicely.



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3 responses to “Toddler socks

  1. mf

    I don’t see many socks match up so good!! Great job!


  2. bradyphrenia

    oh so cute! i am getting ready to make a few socks for a baby on the way…i’ll have to dig out my self-striping leftovers. great job!


  3. Ami

    I think they’re very cute. As a person with no knitting ability, I can’t see a single thing wrong with them. And if you’re putting them on a 3 year old, it won’t be long before at least the bottom of the socks will be the same color as the dirt they are collecting. 🙂


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