So, we are to post pictures of making dinner. If you want to see the process, head over to Trillian’s Blog. She blogged it so well, I don’t feel the need to do so again. Instead, I show you a few steps she didn’t put in.

First, my stock pot, from which I got yummy chicken stock.

From that, my lovely mother, the Gravy-Makin-Mavric, came downstairs and graciously whipped up the gravy for us. She makes the best around.

The beauty shot of the stovetop, hard at work.

Two silly toddlers, waiting for dinner.

The final results. YUMMMMMMY!

A truly Tasty dinner. Southern Fried chicken, lumpy mashed taters, corn and homemade gravy.



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6 responses to “

  1. Trillian42

    Ooohhh… mashed potatoes and gravy… yum. Those look awesome.


  2. Ali

    Man that food looks like the kind you get at a REAL southern diner. Yum-Me!


  3. cpurl17

    That looks yummmmmmmmm-y!!


  4. Batty

    What do you mean, it doesn’t look yummy? Yes, it does, yes, it does!


  5. mf

    looks good! They gravy looks so very yummy!!


  6. Bezzie

    I love seeing all the variations on fried chicken that seemed to show up! That looks goooood!


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