My poor son

I have no pictures to share, just a sad thing. My son left on Sunday for his annual scout camp trip. He so looks forward to this every year. It’s all boy, all man, and all dirt. Everything a boy could want!

I got a call today at 11:45 am that my son was running a 103 fever and had a sore throat, was run down and generally didn’t look good. I left work at 12:15 (had to see one last appt), left my house at 12:30 (after getting my daughter) and made it to the camp by 1:45. (camp is about 80 miles away).

We drove back, getting back into town by 4pm (we didn’t leave till almost 3). Went straight to the doctor’s for a rapid strep test. It came back negative (I called the camp and let them know). He sounds horrible. Bad cough, sore throat and he looks like crap.

He was having so much fun! He caught the biggest fish and earned an award for that. He led Flag Ceremony last night (he’s one of the youngest campers there) and his Scoutmaster said he did a better job than the adults do! He even earned 2 merit badges, even though he was sick all day yesterday.

My poor guy!

If you want to leave him a note, visit his blog Patrick’s Animials


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