Objects d’Art

Our assignment this week is to post our favorite and least liked object d’art in our homes.

This one I can’t stand. It’s so ugly. Those are not real flowers, it’s not even in a make-believe pot. Just stuck into styrofoam. But since someone in the neighborhood gave it to mom on Mother’s Day, she feels she can’t get rid of it.

This one, I love. This sits right above my computer desk. I love the colors, the way it flows and the subject matter. Mary may have known she was the mother of the Savior, but she still had hopes and dreams for her Son, the same as any mother. That’s what I see, at least.

And while this isn’t art, I just couldn’t resist this. Trent (now 3) and Emily (now 2) sound asleep. AT THE SAME TIME!!!! Are they adorable?


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7 responses to “Objects d’Art

  1. mf

    sure there art too!! There sleeping!!! ;o))) Thats an art in itself….lol


  2. Kate

    i second soapy- sleeping kids are an art form too.


  3. cpurl17

    The children are sooo sweet! And your art is special too–it’s nice to have something comforting nearby


  4. Batty

    Your kids are so cute! And the flowers are pretty too.

    I’ve always wondered what it must have been like to be Mary. All you want to be is a regular mother, but your son is extemely special and he has his own destiny and all you can do is sit back and watch what he (and his Father) does with his life. Sounds like motherhood in general, except on a somewhat more extreme scale…


  5. Ali

    I find it so refreshing that you find the beauty in the pic of Mary and wonder what it must fell like for her. The kids are adorable.


  6. Bella

    Getting two kids to nap at the same time is definitely and art!!
    The picture of Mary is beautiful and thought provoking. The flowers…maybe put them in a pot and they won’t be so bad. 🙂


  7. turtlegirl76

    We were supposed to post the least liked? Oops. Well, I guess since i live alone and can put anything I darn well please up on the wall, that I don’t have anything like that, eh? Hee hee.

    The kiddies are cute.


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