A Homeschooling Life

A friend of mine has created a message board for Homeschoolers. It’s not just about homeschooling, it’s about life as homeschoolers. The choices we make, the ways we do things so we can homeschool.

Come check us out. Homeschooling Life



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2 responses to “A Homeschooling Life

  1. Lynn / vigilant20

    I joined 🙂 Thanks for letting us know!


  2. peri

    You asked on my blog about homeschooling the UK – any difficulties? As long as you de-register your child using the correct format then there is little the LEA (local ed auth) can do. They have no right to insist on home visits or proof of education – they can request an educational philiosophy from you and if they believe you are not providing an education they can then take you to court- but this is very rare. The main thing here is that so few people know it’s OK to home-ed. It isn’t common knowledge. We have a national group called Education Otherwise (they have a great website) that explains more about UK home-ed you might like to have a look.

    I’m lucky and live in an area where home-ed is more common and there are lots of resources/groups etc for those who want to use them. We’ve been home-ed now for about 5 years and I wouldn’t change it for the world ;0)


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