An American Freezer

Ok, before you look at these pictures, please realize that I have NOT lost my mind. On a message board I post on, a group of KnittyHeads have agreed to stalk other KnittyHeads’ blogs. We are given assignments of pictures to post. I missed the shoes (not enough film in the world) and under the bed (oh, thank you! That was too skeery). So, here is my first assginment, to post pictures of my freezers. In my case, it’s 2. Our upstairs side-by-side (brand new, yipee!)

And our workhorse, the downstairs upright freezer. That whole sucker is a freezer!

Now, I know a few of my European friends are going to say…”Why?”. Well, I feed teenagers. We don’t have fresh street markets and it’s cheaper to buy in bulk.



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5 responses to “An American Freezer

  1. zibibbo


    It’s HUGE!!

    yes, I have a euroweenie freezer :s

    thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. cpurl17

    Wow…a second freezer. AND full of food! I’m soo jealous.


  3. Karen

    Such a well stocked freezer!!


  4. Nola

    Our extra freezer isn’t so full yet, gimme some more time and farmers markets!


  5. Kate

    my god it could feed the world (or a couple of hungry teenagers!!!!)

    like the shiny new one too….


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