Making Good Choices

Well, after a long talk with a friend in Oregon, I’ve decided to start blogging about the good choices I make in my life.

I want to lose weight, but I refuse to diet. Everytime I start a diet, I fail, miserably and quickly.

So, instead, I’m going to start making good choices.

This week, so far, these are the good choices I’ve made.

Starting Sunday I started drinking lots of water. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I drank more than 80 ozs a day (they were incredibly hot days). Wednesday, I didn’t drink as much, but I did drink water, same with Thursday. Today I already have my cup in front of me and have started. I would like to drink at least 64 ozs a day, if not more.

Another good choice I’ve made is cutting way back on Diet Coke (my carbonated beverage of choice). I’m down to 2 cans a day.

Yesterday and Today I took Duchess for a walk. She’s a border collie who has to smell everything. This morning we did 1/2 mile in 20 minutes. Tuesday I spent the day chasing 43 children and 9 other adults at the Tracy Aviary. I count that as exercise!

So, I need cheerleaders. I need those who will ask me, even in an unrelated post, what good choices I’ve made. Will ya’ll do that for me?



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6 responses to “Making Good Choices

  1. Lynn / vigilant20

    What a great idea. Every little bit counts! I’m the same with diets, but enough good choices is what leads to a healthier lifestyle.


  2. Ami

    Absolutely. You can count on me.


  3. LadyLungDoc

    Good on you – even though the diet cola has no calories, it still helps to perpetuate sugar cravings.


  4. Bezzie

    Woo hoo!!! You can do it! Starting small helps.


  5. Megan

    Hooray for you! I’ve been doing the same lately – cutting back on soda and drinking more water. Baby steps, and all. 😀


  6. Sherry

    I’m here to cheer you on……….Did you make good choices today?

    I hate diets and counting calories. Eating less at every meal is my motto.

    Loved the freezer pics!! lol

    I see you enjoy crocheting also……… too!

    Have a great day, Sherry


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