The Green Gourdess Strikes Again!

So, I get home from working VBS. I’ve been working 12 hour days for the last 3 weeks, with few days off, getting ready for VBS, and this week is VBS. I’m tired. Today, I dealt with teenagers who didn’t want to work, or worse, who were causing trouble. I deal with 6th graders who think they know how to take care of children better than our paid nursery worker (who is the mother of 7), I deal with having to pee and never having 2 minutes to put together to do it! Anyway, I get home and what’s waiting on my kitchen table for me? A box from England! In it are many wonderous things. Dearest Green Gourdess, Green is my favorite color, so any color green is great! That yarn from Bulgaria is so incredible! The Rowan is great! The Cotton tape is gorgeous, what an incredible colorway! Chocolate and oranges! I love it! Any handcream is lovely, but I’m thinking I’ll love this, because it’s your fave! I am always running out of bookmarks, as I usually have 4 or 5 books going at once. The little kit back will work great for holding my measuring tape and yarn needles, maybe I won’t lose both quite so often. And after the week I’ve had, I’ll need a good, relaxing bath. The cable needles are great, as I’ve been using my dpn’s to cable, and they are too long. And the fridge magnet will look great on my brand new fridge! You just truly made my day. You are the best SP this round and I’ll argue with anyone who says otherwise!

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