Kelvinator 1986-2006

Kelvinator was born in 1986. The Westwood Gang adopted him in October of that year and immediately he felt right at home. He was the hub of activity, the center of every meal and the life of all parties. It’s true he would feel neglected in the cleanlieness area at times, but he was well loved.

He died due to complications of the cooling unit. While his motor still ran, he just could not keep his cool any longer. He started to leak uncontrollably and gave up the ghost sometime during the day of July 3rd.

He is survived by The Westwood Gang and the built-in oven adopted the same year. He is proceeded in death by the microwave, which died earlier this year.

A memorial service will be held in his honor in the kitchen later today, seating is limited to the kitchen chairs and the coolers holding his contents.

The family ask that no flowers be brought, but that donations to your local used appliance store be thought of instead.

The family does not feel it is being callus because it is already shopping for a replacement. They just don’t want to live out of coolers during a lengthy mourning period.

Rest in peace, Kelvinator.



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4 responses to “Kelvinator 1986-2006

  1. Ami

    And when my washer died, I immediately went out to get a replacement. You called me a slut. You did. I am emailing you proof.
    Who’s the smartypants NOW?


  2. Libi

    I think it’s kinda scary that you save all our conversations? Is this so you have proof later or for when I become famous?


  3. Bella

    Oh that is funny! May he rest in peices….somewhere.
    Hope you find a good replacement that doesn’t eat the pocket book.


  4. Ami

    I’ve never read such a ::sniff:: touching appliance obituary. As soon as I finish typing this post, I am going to go hug Amana,our too-small but hard working refrigerator. We love her, she arrived on the hottest day of the year about 9 years ago. She lives in the laundry room next to the freezer. His name is Frigidaire. He’s such a big presence that I’m intimidated by him. I can’t find the courage to go and hug him, but I do wave respectfully as I pass.


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