I’ve been busy this weekend!

This past week, I’ve been a little busy. First, I finished my second sock of my very first pair! If they look a little worn, that’s because that’s what I did, wear them! They are comfy, but they do fall down around the ankles. I understand that’s the nature of cotton.

Then, Saturday afternoon, after working on scenery at the church for VBS, I came home and baked and decorated some cakes. One was for my friend Alice. Someone else put on a birthday party for her, but I was not invited (we just won’t go there), this person decided to give her a cake with no frosting, no decoration. When Alice heard, she made a comment to my mom (who was invited) that she wanted a cake with icing and decoration. So, I made her this. I don’t like my writing on cakes, but I think my flowers look lovely. It’s all in lavender because purple is Alice’s favorite color. I love Alice!

The next cake I did was for my nephew Trent. Who turned 3 on June 23rd. He picked out his pan from my collection, an 18-Wheeler. We asked what color. We were informed he wanted a “Rwed Twruck!”. So, he got this. Once again, I don’t like my handwriting, but I think the cake came out cute. Trent liked it!

Finally, I have found out that I am not allergic to wool, but to cheap dyes. In fact, during the last week working on scenery, anytime I come in contact wtih artist chaulk, I get hives! So, anyway, I got this yarn from Knitpicks. The colorway is called Crayon. I then started a pair of “tennis” socks using the same pattern from SockClass for Sami. After I finished the first one she tried it on and it was too big, so, the sock went upstairs for my mom to try on. It fit perfect. She’s quite happy. 🙂

As you can see, I’ve had a busy week.



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5 responses to “I’ve been busy this weekend!

  1. Ami

    I’ll just live vicariously through you from now on.
    Can I have those socks?


  2. Libi

    I gave those socks to my mom. Do you want socks, dear? I have to make Kibb’s dragons, then I’ll make you socks, ok?


  3. Bella

    Beautiful socks, beautiful cakes! That is so sweet you made one for Alice. I bet she was so happy for a cake with good icing. You’re writing isn’t that bad either. 😉


  4. Steph

    If you’re really bothered by your writing on the cakes, Wilton makes a pattern press kit that you can just push the letters into the icing and draw over them with your round tip. That’s what I prefer doing. I did cakes for a living for a while, so I can freehand the letters pretty well, but I’d rather trace them. That being said, they don’t look bad! and I really like your flowers.
    Plus, the socks are adorable.
    *hugs from a homeschool graduate*


  5. mf

    YEAH! You did socks!! Keep up the good work!


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