I knit a sock!

People, we have sockage! Using SockClass I knit this sock. I know, it’s one sock. I know, I’m running around with just one sock on. And Yes, I know, the sock has issues. But people, we need to see the big picture here. I finished this sock. This piece of wareable art! It fits. It fits my fat little foot well. It’s comfortable. I may never take this sock off!


Filed under Yarn Obsession

2 responses to “I knit a sock!

  1. Bella

    Well are you going to knit one for the other foot? I’m sure it feels very left out. 😉 I like the colors…..good job too.


  2. Libi

    I’ve just about got the “leg” of the second one done, about to start on the heel flap. It goes quite fast after that. I slowed down because I started working on my Summer Shawl again, plus started working on the sampler afghan. I just can’t be monogamous, I guess.


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