A Box from England

I received a box from England in the mail yesterday. A lovely box filled with wonderful goodies. It’s from my SP7 partner from Knitty Coffeeshop. A lovely place. A lovely partner. You’ll see 4 skeins of silk yarn (I’m in love!), Rosemary soap (I love it!), a lovely lip balm, a HandSpa Treatment pack (I love to pamper my hands!) and a wonderful card. What’s you don’t see is a box of Chocolate covered cherries that went right into my fridge, so I could open them. What a wonderful Secret Pal I have. Thank you, very much, Green Gourdess!

On my knitting front, I have made progress on my Summer Shawl. I’ve made many mistakes, but as my mother said, unless you’re a knitter or really picky, you’re not going to see them.

I am happy with how I’m coming along. I’m getting better at staying in pattern and my tension is getting better.

I finished the Star Baby Blanket for the Baby Shower on Saturday. I actually finished it on Monday, but I’ve not been able to post till today. (Thank you so much, Blogger).

I’m happy with how it came out and I hope the mom likes it.


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