An old debt repaid

Last September, the Center for which I volunteer (The Pregnancy Resource Center of Utah Valley) had it’s Annual Walk for Life to raise money to support the Center. I challenged the board. I told them that the one who had the most pledges would get my Triple Chocolate Layer Cake. This is a devil’s food cake with dark chocolate icing and grated semi-sweet chocolate pieces on top. Well, in the business of cleaning up after the walk (sending out over 200 recipets and pledge “bills”) I totally forgot! I was gently reminded by my Director earlier this month. She just mentioned that the board member who won said something about it. Nothing bad or mean, just an innocent comment. So, today I made a cake.
This is now sitting on the table, waiting for the winning board member.

What do you think? Worth the wait?



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2 responses to “An old debt repaid

  1. Lynn / vigilant20

    Wow that looks so good it’s probably dangrous!


  2. Bella

    That looks so worth the wait! I can feel the pounds going straight to my thighs just by looking at it! We all know those are the best kinds of cake. 😉


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