Jerusalem Marketplace

For our church’s last Midweek program, we are doing Jeresalem Marketplace. Here are some pictures of what’s going on at our church this Spring. No Marketplace would be complete without goats, right? The little one is only 4 days old in this picture.
A time of praise and worship. Look at everyone in costume. Honestly, I think the adults are having more fun than the kids. This night, we were missing about 20 kids due to a bad storm that blew in.
This is what I look like in Jerusalem. Yes, sitting on the floor. Man, did I regret that later!
Of course, we had to have a Roman soldier. Look at those legs!! (He’s the husband of one of my Den Leaders…what a sport to do this. I should also say that this is the master-mind behind our “scenery”. He designed and created all the shops.)
This is Ginger in her “Herbs” shop. She also is sweet-smelling, in Spirit and body.

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  1. mlj1954

    What a wonderful idea . . . hmmmmm, I am having lunch with our Director of Religious Education and she is always looking for more ways to involve the whole community.


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