I think I’m old!

You know, I don’t feel old! But, after today, I think I am old. I have my niece and nephew from last night till Friday. After only 24 hours, I’m ready to go to sleep for a week.

Trent is 33 months old. He has learned a new word. NO! He has also learned how to throw a real, live temper tantrum. It’s too funny.

Emily is 20 months old. She’s a sweetie, but she wants to do whatever her big brother does.

Yes, folks, you’ve read that right. They are only 13 months apart and they are both in that “toddler” stage.

Hence why I’m tired.



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3 responses to “I think I’m old!

  1. Jaxie

    They are adorable! I understand about the old feeling too. Won’t be long until I’m chasing a toddler again. Gosh, I thought I was over this…lol.
    I love Emily’s Jacket in that picture!! It’s the Jaguar fan in me. 😉


  2. Ami

    Too cute! I have to say, though, I am glad I’m not babysitting with toddlers.. I just don’t have the patience anymore. Like I ever really did. Ha.


  3. Me

    They are sweeties in the picture! However, I totally understand your fatigue! (only have one toddler, and he can get to my nerves sometimes! even though I love him dearly)


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