A hat for Sami

My daughter informed me about 2 hours ago that she wanted a new hat to wear to church tomorrow.

Here’s what I made in that 2 hours.

I used the pattern “A Rose is a Rose”. A very easy pattern to follow and the result was just lovely.

Sami would not let me take a picture of her with the hat on. Maybe I can snag one tomorrow and replace the awful picture above.

It’s so fun to see a pattern, take yarn, follow directions and have a new hat in 2 hours. It just amazes me. KWIM?



Filed under Yarn Obsession

2 responses to “A hat for Sami

  1. Ami

    Will you be my mom?


  2. Lynn / vigilant20

    LOL ditto to Ami…my mom never made me anything like that! I just love it…too cute.


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