My brother, the dork

On Friday afternoon I got a phone call from my brother. He was going in for a CAT scan. He had been having “some” pain in his right gut for 2 weeks and was a little “worried”.

Less than 3 hours later, he was in the operating room. He was in surgery for 2.5 hours. His appendix had adhered itself to his stomach. The surgeon said it was so badly infected, it could have burst at any time!

Immediately after the surgery, he spiked a fever. They battled that for the next 24 hours.

He was on a liquid diet. I went in to see him when his best friend was there. Dave (the best friend) had snuck in a bag of chips!!!! They don’t know if (because of letting it go so long) he had any other obstructions and had restricted his diet to keep his bowel from bursting. But here, the dork had chips!

Well, the infection was brought under control, he’s out of the hospital and eating solids again. He’s not allowed to go back to work till next Monday.

He’s still a dork!



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3 responses to “My brother, the dork

  1. Lynn / vigilant20

    Men are insane! Their appendix is doing a jig and they grin and bear it…but they have a cold and their on the couch with a bell moaning about how sick they are and how you should make them some homemade soup…lol.

    I’m glad he’s ok though 🙂


  2. Nanci

    I;m glad his is okay. Praise the Lord.


  3. Ami

    Well, you already know about my man and the year he’s spent ignoring his pain. He’s seeing my doc today… so maybe he’s learned some sort of lesson.

    I hope your brother has learned something, too, and that he never worries you like this again. Brothers are a pain in the rear at times, but I know you wouldn’t trade him for anything. Hope his recovery is fast and complete.


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