Latest batch of items.

Well, I’ve been busy crocheting, but I’ve not posted in a while. I wanted to share some stuff I’ve made.
I made this for me. It’s a cool snood, very warm and great for those “I don’t want to do my hair days”.

This is my new hook case. It doesn’t hold all my hooks, goodness knows, but it holds what I use most the time, plus scissors, tape measure, needles and pins. What I need to work on a project, all buttoned up and easy to transport.

This is a portable checker’s board. I started out with a pattern, but I really didn’t like the way it was turning out, so I made up my own. Their pattern called for using pennies and nickels as game pieces, but honestly, I really like the round discs I made. Then, since I made those, I needed to make pouches to hold them.

It came out well, I think.


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