Latest batch of Christmas presents

Here’s the latest batch of Christmas presents I’ve finshed.


Filed under Yarn Obsession

7 responses to “Latest batch of Christmas presents

  1. Lynn / vigilant20

    lol I love the kitty prop!


  2. Libi

    Yeah, He decided he wantd to try life as a model. (read, he wouldn’t move!)…he’s a silly cat.


  3. Megs

    Your Cat looks just like mine, they could be twin brothers hehe. My cat is like that too, wont move unless you offer him food, lol


  4. Jomo

    I like your presents very much, but if I were you, I would definately keep that cute cat for myself!


  5. Nola

    Looking good!


  6. Ami

    You made all those things for your cat?


  7. Libi

    ROFL!!! hee hee. No, he’s just the model.


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