Well, today started out as any other day, get school done, get chores done…run errands. We had to go to SLC for a few errands, then I had to run to the office to print reports for the board meeting. I get home and I’m tired, so I take a nap. I just got up a while ago and came downstairs. What do I find sitting on the computer desk? A BOX!!!!! A BIG BOX!!!! A HUGE BOX!!!!!

Let me list what she sent…I’ll try to do it in one breath, but I think I’m going to turn blue.

3 Novels by Robert Jordan (a yummy writer!)
a lovely blue beaded bookmark
Sage/Lemon candle (I adore candles)
Bernat’s Boucle in softest straw
Aunt Lydia’s Double Strand Crochet Cotton
Red Heart’s Hokey Pokey in sunshine
Libi’s Leaves Scarf (a scarf designed for me and named for me!)
the yarn left over from that scarf!
a Boucle headband (great color with my blond hair!)
Stationary and Envelopes
a Magnetic Notepad
a Spiral Notepad
a Keychain tape measure
Libi’s Crochet Design Journal! Plus a disc with all the PDF’s of the forms in it. WAY COOL
Pen, Pencil and Markers for working in the journal
the Pattern for Lib’s Leaves Scarf
a Afghan Cro-Hook
A lovely card

Wow! all I can say is Wow!

Nikki, thank you so much. :yay

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