My first Dishies

Well, I got the package from my very first swap today. What fun! Here they are and here’s who made them.
Julie (JulieKay)I love your varigated green. Green is my favorite color.

Laurie (Sunshine1977) I don’t know what the stitch is on yours, but it’s incredible! My daughter has already claimed this one as hers.

Ruth (momofgmd) Really lovely granny cloth, the edging is beautiful. And thank you for the reminder of who loves me. I can always be reminded.

Shari (sem464) Such a vivid yellow varigated. Thank you so much!

Linda (I don’t know your Crochetville name) Your dishie is incredible. I just can’t imagine the work that went into it. Wow!

Denise (Kittylun) What a lovely purple cloth. Such work and an incredible design.

Sabrina (Brie) I’ve wanted to do the chain 8 cloth for a while, but I can’t seem to figure it out! Wow..what a great job!

JenC What great colors! How did you get the color patches to pool like that? I am amazed by the talent sent to me in these cloths.

Christina (Holiday) I adore the colors in your cloth! I see yours and I think of Boy Scouts. (this is a good thing)

Susana (Kevspepper) What a lovely piece of art you sent me. My mom grabbed yours immediately.

I look at these dishes and I’m just ashamed at what I sent out! Such work, such care, such talent. Thank you so much, all of you, and you Jackie, for making the first swap I’ve ever participated in such a great one.


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