Freehand Pumpkin

I decided I wanted to make a treatbag for trick-or-treating for my nephew and niece. I could not find a pattern for an actual pumpkin, so I freehanded this one. I can see a few things I’ll change on the next one, but I’m pretty happy with how it came out.

I have now posted the pattern for this on my pattern blog. Libilou Creations



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5 responses to “Freehand Pumpkin

  1. Anna

    That is SO cute!!! You did an awesome job on it — especially for freehand!!


  2. Vims

    Wow! thats so neat! and stands up so well!

    well done Libi!


  3. Libi

    It does. I was very surprised myself how well. I guess Red Heart Acrylic is good for that.


  4. Anonymous

    woooo lookit you go girl! i would never believe you’re fairly new to this!

    not only are you creating great items you’re DESIGNING them!

    way to go, really, cuz this little pumpkin is just too cute. i’m sure they’ll love it!

    Your Secret Pal


  5. Anonymous

    That is so cute! Plan on making a couple… Congrats on getting accepted! That is awesome, I am so happy for you!

    Tandi from C-VIlle


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